About Mike Alix

My first impulse is to question myself thoroughly... then to argue.

My career as a painter began in the early seventies and terminated abruptly after I found regular employment. During my "work years," I obtained a bachelor's and a master's in general studies (philosophy, plus a generalized swatch of the liberal arts)  while attending Hunter College (B.A.) and Southern Methodist University (M.L.A.).

In 2001, I returned to France to fulfill my disrupted initial destiny. I've been living in Southern France, surviving on very little and painting full time.

In 2015 and 2016, with the help of a close friend who acted as my proxy I exposed works in various locations in the Northeast US, including at a freemason hall. This year, 2017, I'm hoping to expose and sell works in Marseilles, France, where I live.


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