Projects for 2017

Projects for the year include:

- Painted works inspired from ancient Roman painting.

- Parody series that refer to Rembrandt, Rembrantics.

- A newsletter titled "Expo du Jour" on current art, and

- A handbook on Repainting. 

In the handbook I would like to discuss my genre of painting, "Repainting," which calls into question many aspects of art. Should it be intellectually disruptive (I am not talking about the tendency of Contemporary Art to produce visual gags or to constantly upstage itself)? Should it have semiological depth (a sense in the study of signs)? What could that be, beyond iconology or iconography? Can art parallel reality without being fiction? Art as information? And so on.

Wish me luck.

Price $x.xx  

Price $x.xx 

Price $x.xx 

Price $x.xx

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